The TQC Process

Initial Consultation

We believe that building, or renovating is one of the most exciting, and rewarding processes you will go through in life. It is very important to us that you find the right builder to help you build your dream space, or to renovate your existing space. All engagements start with meeting us to determine if TQC Developments will be the right choice for you.

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Learning Your Vision

During this step, we take the time to personalize your experience with TQC Developments, and we truly take the time to get to know you. At TQC Development we are proud to employ leading industry experts on our team to help guide your desires and ideas. We take the time to learn about your lifestyle and objectives to ensure we choose the right plan of action for building your dream space. TQC Developments understands the importance of providing a personalized process for each of our clients to ensure they feel comfortable and confident while their dreams flourish into a reality.


During the design process you will be working collaboratively alongside our professional design team who will help shape your vision into a first set of plans. These drawings will show you how your new home exterior may look and are a vital step in starting to explore interior space features. During this step we will teach you all about our ground breaking software called Co-Construct. It will help ensure that your project stays organized, on budget, and on schedule. This will be with one place that allows you to know everything about your project with the click of a button.

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Defining Key Features & Objectives

By the time you have reached this step you have become familiar with our ground breaking software called Co-Construct, and you are now ready to start using it. During this part of our process we will take a deeper look into budgeting and construction timelines. You will have the opportunity to make your selections, and to fine tune the details on your project. This step ensures that you will be confident in our ability to achieve your vision with the start of construction coming up just around the corner.

Planning to Construction

It is now time for construction. This is where you will see your dream space come to life. It is our promise to keep you completely in the loop during this entire process. Each day, on Co-Construct, we will be posting updates with photos, so even if you aren't there each day, you will always know what was accomplishment that day. With the extensive planning that had already been completed in earlier steps, your project will run smoothly and always be on time and on budget.

Design of home
Key of home

Celebrating Your Space

Finally the time is here where you get to take possession of your new space. At TQC Developments, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. We provide long term support and ensure that your property maintains maximum value for your full enjoyment.

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