Design-Build for Renovations & New Construction

Design-Build for Renovations & New Construction

One of the key things we’ve learned in our years in business is that there are few things that will make projects go smoother, faster and more economically than to have a fantastic team of high-performing specialists at every stage of the process, and a culture of communication & coordination.

We’ve developed these relationships with architects and technologists, in addition to building trades, and this has allowed us to institute a tight integration of best-practices into even the design development of your project. Too many times we’ve seen a disconnect between the design stage of a project and the practical implementation, and we’ve discovered that by having this tight coordination from day one, we’ve consistently been able to reduce time-to-completion for the building stage by 40% – 60%.

Case Study: Apple Creek Golf Course, Airdrie AB

  • 18,000 sq.ft. on two levels, heavy-timber construction
  • Two banquet rooms with 250+ capacity
  • Large commercial kitchen
  • Lounge w/ bar
  • Pro Shop
  • Offices

Conceptual Design Began: July 2014

Design Build for Renovations

Completion of Design/Drawings: June 2015
design building for renovations9Design building for renovations1design building for renovations

Foundation Construction Began: August 2015

Design Build for Renovations

Completion: April 2016
Design Building1
Design Build for RenovationsDesign Build for Renovations3

Total Time To Completion:

12 months for design & drawings, 8.5 months for construction
Total: 20.5 months from concept to completion

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