Consulting for Building Services

Consulting for Building Services

There’s a lot more to building a home or commercial space than just ‘building’. In fact, it’s the less-obvious things that relate to a project that can make it or break it, even if everything goes well during the actual build. Things like:

  • The difference between ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ input into the design of spaces
  • Determining the overall financial feasibility of a project, taking into account capital & operating costs, and expected revenues
  • Construction budgeting before and during the build
  • Sourcing high-quality suppliers and tradespeople
  • Coordination of all of the stakeholders in a project to maximize the overall effectiveness of the team

We’ve been through the ‘school of hard-knocks’ on every one of these things, and when you go to school you might as well make good use of what you’ve learned. To that end, we recognize that we’ve developed skills, protocols, and professional networks that would be of value to anyone that’s eager to get off to a good start on their project and stay there (in a good spot) for the duration.

If you think that any of the items on the list above would be valuable to you with your project, but you don’t need us to build it, consider giving us a call to talk about how our experience might make sure that yours is a good one.

For a quick demonstration of our project coordination system, watch this video:

Online System Video Still
Click for video demo

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