Commercial Renovations & New Construction

Commercial Renovations & New Construction

Are you planning a Commercial renovations or a new build of a commercial building services in Calgary Alberta ?

In the Commercial Renovations & New Construction business, and especially with respect to developing commercial properties, it’s clear that time is money. We believe it’s important to:

  • make sure your needs are met to the best of our abilities
  • continue developing a strong network of high-performing experts in the building trades
  • communicate, communicate, and then do it some more
  • complete your project within your budget
  • complete your project on time
  • minimize the disruption to your business
We understand that there could be some things that you’re concerned about…

Will the job be done right?

We understand that not everyone that advertises themselves as a ‘contractor’ is actually qualified to do the work that you need done. It seems to be a risky proposition these days to hire someone, only to find out that they’re learning on-the-job… your job. You want to hire someone that’s been there and done that… with the confidence to know what needs to be done.

Will the job be done on time?

Does the contractor really know the type of work you need done? Is he or she able to properly evaluate all of the steps, and the time required to complete those steps? Is the contractor over committed and unable to devote the necessary time to your project? A project that’s not done on time can be very inconvenient and disruptive, not to mention expensive if alternate accommodations are required (which they usually are!).

Will the project be built within my budget?

Equally as bad as time overruns, and usually a result of insufficient planning, cost overruns are a difficult pill to swallow. No one likes to pay more than they had budgeted for. We like justifying overruns as much as you like paying for them.

Will the jobsite be compliant with all safety standards?

There’s a saying that goes: “how you do anything is how you do everything.” Just like a first impression, the orderliness of a jobsite reflects not only on the character of the contractor, but on your character and decision-making ability. A clean, well-organized project broadcasts the message that you have a clean and well-organized way of doing things, and you know how to find people that operate the same way. Warren Buffett, the wealthy investor, is said to have claimed, “stupid in small things, stupid in big things.” Corners are not cut, and our aim is to always exceed the required standards of compliance.

Will our expectations be met?

This is really the big question. Will you end up with what you really wanted, when you wanted it, and for the price that you had budgeted for? It’s only with a determined effort in the early stages of planning that all parties involved in the project arrive at a common understanding of the desired results. Too often, ‘ground is broken’ before there is this clarity, and critical decisions are being made at a time when the costs related to meeting expectations have increased ten-fold. We recognize that all of these things are of concern to you, and addressing them at all stages of a project is in our best interest as well as yours. After years of research and testing, we chose this method of managing a project, and we think you’ll like it, too! Watch the video to see what a difference it can make with regard to coordination during the construction of your project.
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